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Timetabling Toolkit Features

Note: A block is defined as when a certain class is being offered.

Conflict Page
  • Easy to read layout
  • Lists the number of students that have requested 2 or more classes
  • Helps to avoid student conflicts between classes
  • Helps to increase the number of completed student schedules
  • Organized by singleton, doubleton or tripleton courses.
Delta Page
  • Helps to distribute the students in each grade evenly throughout all of the blocks.
  • Lists each course with the number of students in each block for a particular grade.
Bulk Fill
  • Create or assign courses to teachers for a particular department.
List Requests
  • List statistics of student requests for each course
  • Helps to catch obvious input errors such as a girl registered for a boys' gym course
Room Conflict
  • Displays which courses are assigned to particular room
  • Easy to read
Time Off
  • Displays when teachers are not teaching or have the day off in several different formats
Rotation Courses
  • If 2 or more teachers share a swap a group of students during the same block throughout the year.
  • Example: First half of the year a group of students take Art, then in the second half the same group takes Drama
Group Courses
  • If the same group of students together take classes in different blocks.
  • Example: Mini School - the same group of 30 students take 1 Math, 1 English, 1 Socials, and 1 Science class together.
Split Classes
  • A teacher teaches more than 1 course during the same block.
Grade Colour Coded Magnets
  • You pick the colours that represent a grade and the course will change to that colour based on student enrollement.
Magnet Board
  • Categorized by department.
Teacher Loads
  • Easy to see if you created enough courses for a teacher and assigned the right ones to them
Course and Teachers
  • Easy to see which blocks the course is being offered in,
  • Lists the teachers who are teaching that course
  • Compares how many teaching blocks a teacher is supposed to teach with the actual amount assigned to the teacher