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Timetabling Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of operating system will the Timetable Toolkit run on?

The Timetable Toolkit can run on any version of Windows, Linux and MacOS (Apple). As long as the computer can open PDF files and has enough memory to run the demo, it will work on any machine.

What kind of Internet browser do I need?

Any browser that can open pdf files will work.

Can the Timetable Toolkit handle large schools?


Do I need to take a course to learn how to use the Timetable Toolkit?

No. There are help files and support available.

How do I get support?

Contact us. You should get a response within 24 hours if not right away. There are help links on the main page, as well as a manual to help you with the steps to successfully set up a timetable for your school.

How secure is the Timetable Toolkit?

There is a security certificate that you need to accept in order to use the program. It will make sure that the information will not be intercepted by a third party.